Macadamia Nuts Toxic For Burt

Macadamia nuts may be a great source of good fats and protein for humans, super-charged with essential vitamins and minerals. But allowing your pooch to partake in your favourite snack could prove highly toxic.

In fact, no matter how much your pooch begs for a piece of the action, resist the temptation to allow your mutt to get within sniffing distance.

Look out for vomiting

Look out for vomiting, weakness, fever, muscle tremors, and a general lack of energy. Dogs need to eat more than 2g of nuts per kilogram body weight before showing signs of poisoning but far better to be safe than sorry and be faced with a hefty veterinary bill. The toxins may not be fatal, but they’ll undoubtedly make your pooch severely ill.

What about walnuts?

Also, be cautious of walnuts. One is not going to kill your pooch, but the problem arises with mouldy nuts which contain ‘tremorgenic mycotoxins’ which can cause tremors, vomiting, and even seizures. Again, rather avoid sharing with your mutt and keep tempting whole nuts with shells away from super-sleuth pooches.

And other nuts?

And what about other nuts? Peanuts, almonds, and cashews have been given the green light, but be careful not to overdo it. The high-fat content could cause vomiting and diarrhea, a rather unsavoury side effect of these delicious snacks.

Far wiser, is to resist your doe-eyed Burt^ driving you nuts begging for nuts, and choose a healthy doggy treat instead.

You’ll both be happier for it.

^ 'Burt the Bulldog is built like a brick! Dad says he looks like Uncle Mick!'  ~ an excerpt from bee kind press's latest children's book, What Dog is That? The book’s charming paintings will draw in animal lovers, and the poems’ catchy, irregular rhythms will encourage recitation. ~ Kirkus Reviews

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