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To #beekind and to set the world 'abuzz' with creative resources, vivid illustrations, and delightful stories.

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What Dog is THAT?

"Beautifully and cleverly written with gorgeous illustrations! Loved getting to know each of these characters and cannot decide which is my favourite!"

Nicola Piltz

What Dog is THAT?

"Such a delightful book. I love all their personalities both in word and illustrations. Kids will love it."

Susan Wright

What Dog is THAT?

"Chuckled my way through this adorable book with its gorgeously identifiable furry-friends. Beautiful illustrations and cleverly written, kids will love this book as will any dog lover, no matter what age!"

Debbie Changoin

What Dog is THAT?

"I feel like I might know some of these delightful dogs, or have at some time met them on my walks. For their personalities are big and bubbly and totally endearing. Lyrically captured and beautifully illustrated."

Toss Cook

What Dog is THAT?

"Unpredictable delight lives on every page."

Fiona Pringle